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Consignor Referrals

Complete this form to receive your bonus if you have referred any friends to consign.

Refer 1 friend = Waived Consignor Fee
Refer 2 friends = Earn 5% more of total sales
Refer 3 friends = Earn 10% more of total sales

Form must be filled out and submitted before Pre-Sale.

VIP Consignor Program

We do the work - You earn the perks! Earn 35% of sales and a pass to shop early. A VIP Processor preps and enters all of your items for you!

(The deadline to request to be a VIP Consignor is two weeks before Consignor Check-In, unless our VIP slots are all full. All items must be received one week before Consignor Check-In.)

Barcode Labels Mailed to YOU!

Use this link to have your barcodes mailed right to your home!

All submissions must be received by midnight on Friday, February 17. We will mail labels on or before Tuesday, February 21, before Consignor Check-In.

Early Barcode Labels Pick-Up

You must finish item entry and click the [Ready to Go] button to finalize your batch in order for us to be able to print your labels.

Drop & Go Check-In Appointments - Click to Sign up.

Donate all unsold items, no fee is involved.

Consignors can enjoy the convenience of our Drop & Go Check-In service, where you drive up and remain in your vehicle, while WE unload and put away your items.

Items must be pre-labeled.
ALL Drop & Go items must be marked to donate.
An inventory sheet is not required because items will not be guaranteed.

By Appointments Only.
Saturday, February 25, 9am to 12pm
Sunday, February 26, 9am to 12pm
Monday, February 27, 9am to 12pm

Consignor Check-In Appointments (in the Store) - Click to Sign up.

This is our traditional Consignor Check-In scheduled into appointment slots.
(Items should be pre-labeled.)

By Appointments Only.
Saturday, February 25, 1pm to 7pm
Sunday, February 26, 1pm to 7pm
Monday, February 27, 1pm to 7pm

**The last check-in day will be a Traditional "Walk In" Consignor Check-In (No appointments are required, but consignors will be worked in as a first come, first serve basis.)**

Consignor Restock Dates - Click to Sign up.

Tuesday at 3pm, after Consignor Check-In ends the database will re-open for restock until the following Monday at 5pm.

Restock Days to bring items:
Friday, March 3, 9am to 11am
Sunday, March 5, 9am to 11am
Sunday, March 5, 5pm to 7pm
Monday, March 6, 5pm to 7pm

Consignor Restock Items Accepted:
You may enter ALL ITEMS that were accepted for this event during Restock. Some great money makers are: shoes, baby gear/equipment, children's furniture, ride-on toys, larger toys, and outdoor toys.

You must finish item entry and click the [Ready to Go] button to finalize your batch in order for us to be able to print your labels.

Call or Text Ashley at 479-799-7335 with questions.

Consignor Tutorial Videos

These videos are short and give you all of the information you need to get started!

Join Our Consignor Club Facebook Group

Our Consignor Club is the perfect place to find tips, dates, updates, and get your questions answered!

We Are Hiring Part-Time Event Staff

Would you like to EARN MONEY and SHOP FIRST at the Thursday Night Launch Party?

We are looking for friendly moms, dads, or grandparents who love organizing and helping people to join our event staff! This is a fun way to help your community, meet new friends, AND earn the ability to SHOP FIRST at Rhea Lana's!

Rhea Lana's App

Download our App today in iTunes or the Google Play store.

Consignor Credit

Did you know that our Consignors can now shop using their Consignor Credit?!

You will be able to spend the money you earn from the sale of your items and have it subtracted from your Consignor check! This awesome perk is available to Consignors each day following our Pre-Sale.